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Kinder Joy of Moving park

Discover Kinder Joy of moving Park at Vicolungo The Style Outlets! A unique kids play area, that enhance the attention on children and families and promote the joy of moving, in a unique social responsibility project.

Kinder Joy of moving Park is an extraordinary park that offers an exciting and entertaining motor path, for children aged 5 to 12*, in line with the "Kinder Joy of moving" program - Ferrero Group’s international social responsibility project born to bring children and families closer to physical activity.

Entertainment and 8 motor games that allow to develop different skills, essential for the growth of the little ones.

Access to the park is free and allowed during the same opening hours of the center. There is no custody service. To play in this area it's important to respect current rules on safety and prevention in public places.


Find out more visiting Kinder Joy of moving website.

*Excluding some attractions that are available from 8 years old. All information about the correct use of attractions are visible next to the games on their appropriate signs. Kids, older than 6 years old, have to wear their mark, respect safety distances (1 meter) and also follow staff's recommendations. Gel dispenser are available and the play area will be sanitized over and over.