Today open: 10 - 20

Tesla Supercharger

At Vicolungo The Style Outlets are now active 12 electric charging spots from the Tesla Supercharger network, that can be accessed by all Tesla cars and all CCS-licensed vehicles.

The charging stations, located in the outlet's south parking, will be available to recharge your electric car: the Supercharger will be active every day, 24h/24h. 


Please check HERE the charging instructions.

The Supercharger network is the world's biggest and fastest charging infrastructureLa rete Supercharger è l’infrastruttura di ricarica veloce più grande al mondo. Supercharger V3 new generation stations as ours can reach a peak power od 250k kW enabling super fast charging times. A Model 3 that opeates at peak efficiency, for instance, can recharge up to 120 km in just 5 minutes. 

Thanks to this initiative, you will be able to have a "strategic" stop before going back on your way: during the charging period, you could shop in our 150 stores with benefits and special promotions, have a gourmet break in our bars and restaurants or enjoy many services as the Vicolounge, a dedicated space for business meetings.