Color analysis at United Colors of Benetton

Discover the colors that flatter you the most!

Have you ever heard of color analysis? The funniest way to learn to enhace yourself! Colour analysis is the study of every persons' characteristic features (eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair) and ends with the identification of a season in which the subject will identify. This season is determined by the degree of contrast, subdued, value and intensity of their colors. Once you discover your season through the use of draperies of different colors put closer to your face, you will know which colors suits best  your skin tone, that will assure you a natural wow effect, even without makeup!

United Colors of Benetton

Are you Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? At United Colors of Benetton store you can find it out thanks to their free colour analysis sessions, booking required: an unmissable occasion for shopping addicts! For further info, contact the store.