A break full of freshness

Discover Antonino il Banco di Cannavacciuolo's ice cream

During hot summer days what's better than an ice cream as a fresh break? We do know: Antonino Il Banco di Cannavacciuolo's ice cream! Created in the pastry laboratory in Suno with high quality products as fresh milk, italian eggs, fresh fruit, local hazelnuts; is produced with no semi-finished products, chemicals or colorants. The making.of process perfectly reflects tradition, with a 24h "ripening" before the creaming step in the ice cream machine. And for those who prefer fresher tastes or have intolerances there are sorbets: no milk, cream eggs or other animal-originated products, only fruit, water and sugar. 

Antonino il Banco di Cannavacciuolo

We are waiting for you at Antonino Il Banco di Cannavacciuolo to enjoy it. And if you are already dreaming of your cone, discover the available flavours here below: unexpected taste combinations will surprise you, along with the more classic ones.

-Dark chocolate and tonka bean: the tonka bean adds an intense touch to chocolate, with a sense of vanilla and coffee;
-La crema di Antonino: cream flavour ice cream, with a hint of spices and citrus;
-Plums and Armagnac: plums remain infused for two weeks in Armagnac, a wine distillate from France in the Guascogne region;
-Nocciola: made with roasted and crushed IGP hazelnuts from Langhe;
-Pistachio: with selected high-quality pistachios;
-Fior di latte: with fresh milk; 
-Strawberry sorbet: with fresh strawberries; 
-Lemon sorbet: with fresh lemons; 
-Mango, lime and basil sorbet: fresh and aromatic