Cupola di San Gaudenzio

Live an exciting experience discovering the San Gaudenzio Dome in Novara.The Dome, which is the symbol of the city, represents the maximum expression of the genius of Alessandro Antonelli and it is one of the highest buildings in the world in brickwork, equal to the Mole of Turin. Through paths now available for guided tours, it will be possible to reach the pinnacle of the building, located at a height of 100mt and enjoy an amazing view of VI

the city.

Thanks to the partnership between Vicolungo The Style Outlets, Kalatà, Atl Novara and Comune of Vicolungo, you will be able to buy online your ticket for an open date for the climb to the Dome, at a discounted price of € 10 instead of € 15 (climb up to the pinnacle, rate valid till 30th April 2023). Click here the link and insert your discount code VICOLUNGO10