150 years of 501®

The greatest story ever worn

It's time to celebrate THE GREATEST STORY EVER WORN: the classic Levi’s® 501® jeans,  pair of jeans so iconic that they even have their own anniversary, this year it's 150 Years of The 501®!

Since they first made their debut back in 1875 as a humble pair of work trousers, 501®s are now some of our most sought-after pairs of jeans, and it’s not hard to see why.

A lot of time has passed since 1875. Today, you can find our 501® jeans in a range of styles, colours and fits to suit everybody, any gender or age.

Expertly crafted and brilliantly versatile, these are the jeans that started it. And in the world of 501® jeans, every person has a pair, and every pair has a story. What started with some denim, copper rivets and an American dream has become a worldwide phenom and, quite possibly, the most beloved clothing article of all time. Our iconic five-pocket, button-fly straight fit has been loved by everyone: miners, cowboys, hippies, rockers, skaters, musicians, politicians, celebrities, unsung heroes and countless others on every kind of journey.


While they all might share a signature button fly as their key defining detail, no pair of 501®s is worn the same. Your jeans are a blank canvas for self-expression-- so go ahead and tailor & customise to make them your own.

150 Years of the 501