How to make a denim skirt

Turn your old jeans into a new skirt

Making your own one-of-a-kind denim skirt is easier than you might think. With this simple DIY project, you can upcycle a pair of old jeans and turn it into a brand-new denim skirt.  

What you'll need: 
- Jeans  
- Tape measure 
- Scissors  
- Pins 
- Chalk 
- Seam ripper 
- Sewing machine 


Step 1
Use your seam ripper to remove the jean’s inner seam stitches. 
TIP:This first step can take 30-45 minutes, so cue up your favorite podcast or playlist and get in the zone. 

Step 2
 Fold over the flap and pin it together.  

Step 3
 Use your tape measure to find your preferred skirt length (we’re loving a mini!) and mark with chalk. 


Step 4
 Cut along the chalk marks with your scissors.  

Step 5
 Measure the triangular open area and cut a denim piece from your scraps to cover it.  

Step 6
 Once you’ve positioned and pinned the new piece, use your sewing machine to lock it in place.  


Step 7
 Remove any excess fabric or loose threads and voila! You have a brand-new skirt!