A better Planet with Levi's

Levi’s® is committed to reduce the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. As a brand which covers an important role in all this, it relies on his mantra “Shop better. Wear for longer” to keep on creating their unmistakable style with a minor impact.


How? Levi’s® focuses on innovation to make its products more durable and sustainable. Cottonized Hemp, Levi’s® WellThread and Water Less® technologies and manufacturing techniques guarantee high quality materials and better origins, a minor resources and water waste during the production process.

Levi's sostenibilità

“Better clothes. Better choices. Better planet”

-4.2 billion liters of water saved since the introduction of Water Less® in 2011;
-9.6 billion liters of reused and recycled water
-75% of cotton coming from sustainable resources
-65% products are manufactured in factories with health promotion programs for employees