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Zoom Torino


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ZOOM Torino is a new concept immersive biopark where it is possible to take a real journey between Africa and Asia, discovering on foot 12 habitats with a high experiential level which faithfully reproduce the natural places which inspire them: from Madagascar to the Serengeti, up to to the Bolder and Malawi beaches, where you can cool off during the summer by swimming next to penguins and hippos. 180,000m2 which host 300 animals – which come from other European zoological structures belonging to the EAZA (European Associations of Zoos and Aquaria) of over 80 different species that live, without nets or cages, immersed in nature in a naturalistic context created with objective of raising awareness of animal species - from which we are separated only by natural elements such as plants, rocks, waterways or fences - to learn about the problems linked to extinction and the need to safeguard biodiversity and research to conservation.

Leone Zoom Torino

Inside ZOOM there is also Lake Eyasi, the first Italian glamping housed inside a zoological structure where it is possible to live a true wildlife experience by participating in exclusive activities such as having an exciting breakfast surrounded by giraffes or falling asleep with the roar of lions.

Among the new features for 2024 is the new Butterfly Oasis, where you can observe, walking in a tropical greenhouse, the flight of hundreds of butterflies, bringing you closer to the issues of environmental conservation.