High quality standards are a historical heritage of the Bellora Company.

Since 1883 Bellora is the name of the finest Italian home linen. A brand identity carved from over 130 years of history that have shaped Bellora’s rise from the traditional Italian homes to the most refined department stores and boutiques worldwide. Bellora interprets the needs, desires and dreams of the people by creating products of high style, quality and comfort, that convey an emotion, a feeling, an elegant and discreet style, with a deep contemporary taste. The Bellora World expresses the idea of a home dressed in rich fabrics and high quality products that transform your bed, bathroom, and kitchen into a life experience, day after day, for your well-being. Natural fabrics enhance their charm through elegant and timeless style, and classic patterns evolve in their manufacture and colors, to add a contemporary look and style to every room: this is the true expression of the Bellora brand. Collections influenced by the ancient, yet everlasting, tradition of textiles Made in Italy. Collections that go beyond any fashion trends and that stand out for their pure, timeless, elegance. Collections that generate emotions, feelings that emerge only in the most intimate moments.  Collections that mark our most precious time, that of caring and sharing with the loved ones.

Bellora accompanies you day by day in the utmost pleasure of home living. Enjoy and indulge in your private luxurious living. 

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